Real Estate: digitalisation in the real estate sector. Admin 27 November 2023

Real Estate: digitalisation in the real estate sector.

Digitalization in the Real Estate sector is essential to remain competitive. It helps improving operational efficiency and providing a customer service that meets expectations, contributing overall to a more modern and advanced environment.

In an increasingly competitive market, digitalisation has become the prerogative of every organisation, whether public or private, and of any reference sector.


Rina Prime Property chooses Interzen's Zenshare solutions for corporate digitalisation.

Rina Prime Property, leader in the management of real estate assets in the Real Estate sector, has embraced digital innovation for the management of document flows and for post-sale interactions through the adoption of the ZenDMS Cloud platforms for the Document Register system and ZenCRM for the Customer Care.

Automating document flows and rationalizing post-sale processes in the real estate market is a strategic choice for improve the Customer Experience and to ensure the maintenance of the expected level of service. Real estate professionals can quickly retrieve important documents, property information and transaction details, improving the speed of decisions and response to customer inquiries.

Real Estate Illustration

Efficiency, transparency and competitiveness of the real estate market: minimizing registration errors and improving the accuracy of real estate transactions.

To solve the document challenges, the company implemented ZenDMS, the Cloud platform for the Document Register System which allowed the centralization of all documents (both incoming and outgoing), simplifying access and improving traceability. Thanks to automated workflows, document processing and search times have been drastically reduced. A digital platform ensures data security, which is critical in the real estate industry where handling sensitive information is very common.

ZenDMS Protocollo Informatico
Immagine Area Customer Care

For efficient post-sales management, Rina Prime Property has adopted ZenCRM Case Management in Cloud. This solution has allowed a rationalization of post-sales processes, increasing the Customer Experience thanks to the rapid resolution of post-sales cases. The module allows you to intercept critical issues well in advance in order to intervene promptly.

ZenDMS Document Register System

It drastically reduces the time dedicated to document management, ensuring a high level of security and transparency.

ZenCRM Case Management Module

It significantly increases customer satisfaction with quick resolution of after-sales cases.

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