ZenHR Vacation Plan Admin 29 August 2022

Manage vacation planning efficiently and transparently.

The vacation plan or holiday planning it is a delicate activity, which requires great attention, because each worker must be able to enjoy their minimum holiday period, but, at the same time, company activities must not be slowed down.

Managing planning efficiently and transparently will make it possible to avoid crucial sectors remaining uncovered.

Choosing a system for holiday management becomes essential to guarantee efficiency and the absence of errors. When you get ready to plan the vacation plan, the choice of an appropriate software for the automation of holiday management is strategic.

With ZenHR Add-on module you will have
holiday plans always organized

The benefits of efficient vacation planning with the ZenHR ADD-on module
Save time

Reduce time spent drafting the company vacation plan and avoid mistakes.

Improve internal coordination

Improve internal coordination and get a smoother organization of holidays.

Promote a more serene work environment

avoid conflict situations and protect the well-being of your employees.

ZenHR is a human resources management add-on module featuring:
  • User features (requests for holidays and permits)
  • Manager features (approvals via workflow)
  • Administrative features (work and company calendars)
  • Reporting features (attendance sheet)

Howto get it?

ZenHR is an optional ‘additional’ module, to complete and maximize the strategic and operational efficiency of those who have already chosen or are thinking of choosing:

– ZenCRM >

the solution for Customer Relationship Management

– ZenProject >

the solution dedicated to project management.

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