The Document Registration System for safely managing public and private documents Admin 4 April 2024

The Document Registration System for safely managing public and private documents

The importance of a software for documents registration for a digital administration.

A good document management begins with a valid Document Registration System, the tool that simplifies and automates the management of documents and communications, both paper and digital, in complete security for both public bodies and private companies.

Organizing, sharing and archiving documents equates to simplifying work processes and improving internal and external communication.


The Cloud ZenDMS platform allows you to log all incoming and outgoing correspondence, archive documents and have complete document management.

  1. Dematerialize document flows.
  2. Simplify document registration.
  3. Automate approval processes.

through advanced features in a single integrated tool.

The continuous search for efficiency and the growing smart working method have accelerated the digitalisation of companies and public administrations on multiple levels. This trend is combined with the use of a SaaS document platform on external Cloud infrastructure (Cloud Service Provider).

The ZenDMS document management software responds to the need to share, modify, archive and preserve documents in real time, even remotely and in total security

Furthermore, it allows versioning, the traceability of revisions made to documents, preventing any unauthorized modifications or loss of the documents themselves, based on user permissions.

ZenDMS allows you to digitize document processes and increase the productivity of every public or private organization by managing all information in total security, compliance and simplicity

Gestione dei processi documentali

Some features of ZenDMS

Advanced document registration features to effectively manage incoming and outgoing digital and paper documentation.

Complete integration with e-mail and PEC for immediate monitoring and archiving of messages ensuring direct and accurate registration.

Automatic document registration of email messages, enriched with metadata for complete and precise cataloging without any manual intervention.

Preview messages and documents via an intuitive interface that allows quick viewing of protocol information.

Automatic insertion of digital labels on registered PDF documents, containing the main identification information.

Efficient sorting of documents, both to individual users and entire offices, with integrated assignment management.

Complete management of senders and recipients address books to update the personal data during the registration of the protocol.

Advanced search of registered documents based on the metadata entered during registration, such as unique registration number, sender, recipient, subject and registration date.

Regulatory compliance in the digital preservation of tax documents, certified e-mails, daily registers and other relevant documents.

The Document Registration SYstem, integrated with the ZenDMS document management system, is the ACN qualified Cloud solution that manages and protects data and documents, guaranteeing accessibility only to users with rights and portability to other external systems.

Maximum security with the Microsoft Azure Cloud Service Provider, the ACN qualified digital infrastructure that guarantees:

  • Disaster Recovery through efficient preventive measures.
  • Back-Up every 4 hours on different regions.
  • System redundancy to ensure operational continuity.
Migrazione in cloudAumento della Sicurezza
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Maximum reliability for the ZenDMS IT Protocol with ACN qualification, National Cybersecurity Agency.

The ideal Document Registration System also for Public Administration.

A key solution for the modernization of Public Administration is the digital registration of documents Italy is still in the process of strongly catching up in terms of digitalisation of the PA compared to other European countries, positioning itself in 19th place in the 2022 Digitalisation of the Economy and Society Index (DESI).
Agid’s recent guidelines for the 2024-2026 three-year plan underline the importance of a Cloud first approach and digital services oriented to the needs of PAs and citizens.
With the implementation of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR), the digitalisation of the Public Administration receives another important boost, promising more efficient, transparent and citizen-focused services.

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