ZenDMS Document Registration System: Salutemia maximizes efficiency in document registration Admin 4 October 2022

ZenDMS Document Registration System: Salutemia maximizes efficiency in document registration

SaluteMia, Since 2015, the Mutual Aid Society of Doctors and Dentists has made available to its members a range of Health Plans to protect their health and that of their families, thus responding effectively to the most diverse needs of supplementary health care.

ZenDMS is the Document Management System solution part of the larger Suite of solutions, ZenShare Suite for business process automation; in its specific edition for the registration of documents (Protocol Edition), has allowed SaluteMia to meet the need for registering and archiving of all incoming and outgoing documents by streamlining, simplifying and therefore making efficient a process which, given the considerable amount of documentation to be registered, classified, sorted and archived, now required increasing processing time and commitment on the part of the operators.

ZenDMS Document Registration System is the solution of the largest ZenShare suite specifically for document management and registration


More specifically, ZenDMS which – remember – is Agid certified and therefore appears in the catalog of qualified Cloud services for the Public Administration, has allowed SaluteMia to log extremely easily emails and PECs, both incoming and outgoing, thanks to a complex but very easy to use system. The choice of the ZenDMS Document Registration System has allowed SaluteMia to make a significant leap in quality by radically transforming and innovating an outdated protocol process.

The possibility of timely organization and classification of the documents in a special area has made it possible to meet the need for systematic and reliable archiving over time, facilitating the search and consultation of the documents themselves.

In this regard, it should also be noted that the ZenShare Cloud Suite, of which ZenDMS Document registration System is a part together with the other integrated solutions, is provided through the Cloud Service Provider Microsoft Azure, the cloud computing platform created by Microsoft on a worldwide basis to create, distribute and manage cloud services and solutions aiming for excellent levels of scalability, performance, business continuity and IT security.

ZenDMS Document Registration System marks a significant turning point in the management of SaluteMia document processes:

• guaranteeing the transparency of the processes themselves;

• simplifying document management;

• optimizing the use of human resources;

• eliminating problems and inefficiencies of a still traditional protocol system;

• consequently reducing management times and costs.


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