The publishing world chooses the ZenDMS Document Registration System Admin 1 February 2024

The publishing world chooses the ZenDMS Document Registration System

In the digital age we live in, the journalism sector is constantly looking for innovative solutions to optimize workflows, improve efficiency and ensure the security of sensitive information.
The Order of Journalists of Piemonte, a body committed to promoting training and defending press freedom, is a tangible example of how the journalism industry is embracing technological innovation to improve efficiency and ensure data protection sensitive.

The adoption of the solution for document registration by the Order of Journalists of Piedmonte represented a significant step towards innovation and progress in the field of journalism.


Protezione dati

The Piedmontese institution recently relied on Interzen by implementing the ZenDMS Document registration system, the Cloud solution designed to efficiently manage documentation and simplify communication processes within complex organizations.

By integrating cybersecurity tools and advanced encryption, this solution offers a secure environment for exchanging sensitive information, ensuring compliance with privacy and data protection regulations.

But what are the real benefits obtained from using the ZenDMS Document Registration Cloud platform?

1. Operational efficiency:

Thanks to its intuitive interface and process automation features, the ZenDMS document registration solution has significantly optimized workflows, making document management and archiving operations quicker.

2. Data security

In an era where cybersecurity is an absolute priority, the Document registration system has provided an important solution to protect the organization's sensitive information. With advanced encryption and access control capabilities, this platform ensures data confidentiality and integrity, minimizing the risk of security breaches.

3. Greater collaboration

Thanks to its cloud-based nature and real-time document sharing capabilities, the Document Registration has improved collaboration among staff, who can easily access the solution and share information and documents, working in a more synergistic and effective way.

4. Transparency and accountability

With integrated traceability of documents and communications, the document registration has introduced a higher level of transparency and accountability within the organization. This has fostered a culture of responsibility and governance, promoting greater trust between members of the Piemonte Journalists' Association and external parties.

Through the optimization of workflows, data protection and enhanced collaboration, this solution has proven to be a valuable ally for complex organizations such as professional associations.

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