Digital health and innovation in the healthcare sector Admin 21 February 2024

Digital health and innovation in the healthcare sector

Innovation in healthcare represents an increasingly current theme: optimizing processes and ensuring a high level of assistance are essential elements for the healthcare sector, whether public or private.
In this context, the document registration system emerges as a fundamental tool for the sector, because it guarantees safe and efficient management of practices, documents and clinical data

The adoption of an Document Registration software such as ZenDMS proves fundamental for the healthcare sector, representing a step towards a more efficient and patient-oriented digital healthcare.


There are many companies in the Healthcare sector that have adopted Interzen’s ZenDMS platform, the last two, but only in chronological order, are the Ebris Foundation of Salerno and the Israelite Hospital of Rome.

Acquisitions that demonstrate the wide adoption of Interzen solutions in the Healthcare sector and confirm the effectiveness of its Cloud platforms in improving operational efficiency and patient care.

Fondazione Ebris

Ebris Foundation

A center of excellence in scientific research, it has chosen ZenDMS, Interzen’s document registration software, to optimize the management of documents and data relating to research activities on the analysis of the interaction between nutrition and health status. Thanks to its native integration with the document management system, ZenDMS allows the Foundation to automate the logging process, significantly improving operational efficiency and allowing the team to focus more on research and scientific innovation.

Israelite Hospital

Similarly, the Israelite Hospital in Rome chose ZenDMS to optimize its internal processes and guarantee high-quality assistance to the local population. With a network of four hospital facilities in the capital, the Israelite Hospital relies on ZenDMS to simplify document management and ensure the safety and protection of patient data, in compliance with privacy regulations, including GDPR compliance.

Ospedale Israelitico

The benefits deriving from the adoption of ZenDMS are multiple

  • The software significantly improves operational efficiency by automating the document registration process, reducing the time and costs associated with document management.
  • Furthermore, ZenDMS stands out for its ease of use and an intuitive interface, which facilitates team adoption and promotes rapid integration into existing work processes.
  • Archiving protocol recordings and related documents on ZenDMS offers users great traceability over time, thanks to the internal search engine equipped with a large set of search parameters.
  • The importance of regulatory compliance should also be underlined. ZenDMS is GDPR compliant and guarantees a high level of security and data protection, ensuring patient privacy and reducing the risk of regulatory violations

Thanks to its ability to optimize processes and ensure data security, ZenDMS is confirmed as an indispensable solution for healthcare institutions aiming for operational excellence and continuous innovation.

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