Why use CRM software? Admin 18 January 2024

Why use CRM software?

The real game changer for business success is in how you manage your customer data.

Today, businesses of all sizes are facing increasingly fierce competition. To stand out, you need to offer a high-quality, personalized customer experience.
A CRM, Customer Relationship Management, is a system that helps companies manage relationships with customers. It allows you to collect, store and analyze customer data, automate tasks and improve communication.

A CRM software is a precious ally for reducing the distances between a company and its customers and for building a long-lasting and valuable relationship


If your focus is a customer-focused business strategy and you want to improve the acquisition rate and interaction with your contacts, CRM is your path.

Here are some of the main benefits of using CRM software:

Area Marketing: intercept potential customers

With the use of CRM software, the Marketing team can develop personalized and targeted strategies.
Intercept potential customers more efficiently through advanced analytics and specific segmentation tools, saving time and increasing the chances of conversion.
This translates into increased effectiveness of marketing campaigns and a higher return on investment (ROI).

Intercepting potential customers thus becomes an efficient process, guided by the quality and relevance of your messages.


Sales Area : convert leads into acquired customers

CRM software strategically transforms the entire sales pipeline process.
Monitor the lead lifecycle in detail, allowing your sales department to focus on the highest-value leads across multiple possible contacts more efficiently, saving time and increasing your chances of success.
CRM simplifies the management of interactions with leads, avoiding missing business opportunities.

The result? A faster and more effective conversion of leads into acquired customers, significantly increasing the success rate of commercial initiatives.

Customer Care Area : preserve the relationship with portfolio customers

After acquiring a customer, their satisfaction and maintaining a solid relationship become priorities. A CRM software offers the Customer Care team the tools necessary to preserve and strengthen this bond.
With detailed customer profiles and interaction histories, CRM enables Customer Care to provide personalized and timely service. Automatic notifications, along with an advanced ticketing system, ensure that every request or issue is handled efficiently.

A valuable customer experience that builds customer loyalty over time, contributing to business growth.

Immagine Area Customer Care

In short, investing in a CRM software is equivalent to investing in productivity and efficiency.

With this in mind, Interzen has developed ZenCRM, the Cloud platform of the ZenShare Suite that transforms potential or occasional customers into loyal customers.

ZenCRM is also the first Italian CRM based on the Lead to Cash process, the innovative Interzen tool that monitors and automates the entire business cycle, from Lead generation to invoice collection. With the security of the Microsoft Azure Cloud.

Here are some of the main advantages of ZenCRM:

  • Advanced sales pipeline analysis to efficiently manage all phases of the commercial process, from lead generation to deal closing.
  • Summary of customer history (diary, contracts, invoices) for always updated data and to respond promptly to any requests.
  • Advanced data analysis: ZenCRM provides essential information to better understand customer behaviors and optimize sales and marketing strategies.
  • Accurate management of quotes through CPQ, Configure Price Quote, the tool for automating the configuration process, generating offers and quotes.
  • Lead Scoring, evaluation of lead interest by assigning a score based on their browsing and interaction behaviors.
  • Aggregation of web visitor source data to have SEM campaign data, organic searches, referrals and much more in a single tool with related information on pages visited, time spent, etc.

As well as a clear interface, intuitive navigation and user-friendly design

ZenCRM is the ideal CRM solution for companies of all sizes that want to improve their competitiveness.
Let’s make your business more efficient and success-oriented together.

Start your innovation journey with ZenShare!