Digital Revolution in Public Administration: Advantages and Prospects Admin 7 December 2023

Digital Revolution in Public Administration: Advantages and Prospects

The epochal transformation of public administration.
In the context of growing digitalisation, the Public Administration has been engaged in an epochal transformation for some years now.
The investments and reforms dedicated to this process are a clear signal of the attention and importance that digitalisation requires.

The digitalisation of Public Administration is an essential step to face current challenges and prepare for future ones.


The National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR) has set the ambitious goal of bringing 75% of Italian PAs to use cloud services by 2026, with over 6 billion euros allocated to digital transformation, including investments in digital infrastructures and cloud migration.

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Digitalization as a driver of efficiency

Manual document management in public bodies, despite its historical roots, presents significant challenges, including wasted time, operational inefficiency and the risk of human error.
The adoption of digital systems instead allows rapid and secure access to information, reducing errors and improving overall efficiency. Furthermore, it promotes smoother communication between different organizational units within the PA.
Digital transformation allows public institutions to reduce processing times, improve accessibility to services and optimize internal operations thanks to the advanced use of Document Registration or Document Management software.
Digitalization is not only an operational necessity, but also a catalyst for improvement user experience. Citizens and businesses they benefit from faster, transparent and personalized services, helping to build a stronger relationship between government and society.

Looking to the future: a commitment to success

Our approach to innovation is constant. The Interzen Developer team is actively working to integrate Artificial Intelligence into the ZenDMS platform, the Cloud solution of the ZenShare Suite which for years has offered our customers a software for Document Registration, Document Management and Workflow for the automation of document flows.
This commitment aims to accompany public and private entities on the digitalisation path by exploiting the potential of Artificial Intelligence for a cutting-edge service for our customers.

From optimizing internal processes to providing more timely and accurate services, adopting digital solutions will bring tangible benefits. It is imperative that the PA adopts an innovative and data-centric approach to ensure the success of this transformation.

And where are you with digitalisation?

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