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PO and PR, the management of Purchase Orders and Purchase Requests

Corporate purchases of goods and services require a structured process that supports the company and allows it to work on reducing costs, because, as is known, “every penny saved is a penny earned”.

The efficient management of Purchase Requests (PR) and Purchase Orders (PO) is a company asset in all respects.


Poorly structured purchasing management impacts business results, which is why it is important to know and respect all phases of a purchasing process for an optimal procedure and efficient eProcurement.

Impact of purchasing management on SMEs and large companies

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Purchasing management is a complex activity that requires the coordination of various resources and the integration of specific software. In many SMEs, however, this activity is often managed with a simple Excel sheet that reports the date, type of goods, characteristics and price of the order.

Companies with a particularly significant amount of purchases, more than others, must resort to specific eProcurement software capable of digitizing the entire data flow relating to supplies and automating the activities related to order tracking.

Procurement management impacts business results and profits in several ways:

  • Purchasing management affects cash flow and liquidity in the short term, because not paying suppliers promptly can undermine the survival of a company in the medium to long term.
  • Furthermore, poor order management can lead to excessive inventory accumulation, tying up capital that could be more profitably invested.
  • Finally, non-timely management of the purchasing process can lead to delays in deliveries of marketed products or in the closing of product or service orders.

These are just some of the reasons why it is essential for companies, regardless of size, to have an effective procurement process: from the definition and approval of the products to be purchased up to the payment of invoices, also including logistics and transport procedures.

These are just some of the aspects that underline the need for many companies, regardless of their size, to have an effective procurement application platform capable of monitor the entire process: from the definition and approval of the products to be purchased up to the payment of invoices, passing through the logistics and transport procedures.

Optimize the Request and Purchase Order process with ZenPurchase

ZenPurchase is the module of the Suite ZenSharededicated to managing purchase orders to automate the workflow related to Richieste e agli Ordini di acquisto, ensuring a smooth process and precise control for purchasing management within the organization.

Procedure for Managing Purchase Requests and Orders with ZenPurchase

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  1. Creating a New Purchase Request (PR)
    The process begins with the creation and issuing of a new Purchase Request (PR). This phase represents the first step in the procurement cycle, where the needs for goods or services are identified.
  1. Purchase Request Approval Workflow
    Once created, the Purchase Request (PR) enters an approval workflow. At this stage, the purchase request can be approved, rejected or canceled by the designated managers, guaranteeing the control and validity of the requests.
  1. Purchase Order generation (PO)
    The approved Purchase Requests (PR) are automatically converted into Purchase Orders (PO) This automation simplifies the transition from request to order, reducing time and associated errors.
  1. Purchase Order Approval Workflow
    The Purchase Order (PO) also goes through an approval workflow. At this stage, the order can be approved, rejected or cancelled, ensuring that each purchase is verified and authorized.
  1. Generation of the Order Document
    Once approved, the PO is used to automatically generate the order document from a predefined template. This document is essential to formalize the purchase and provide all the necessary information to the supplier.
  1. Purchase Order Fulfillment (PO)
    The order is sent to the supplier via email directly from the system. This step, called PO fulfillment, formalizes the purchase and starts the delivery process by the supplier.
  1. Receipt of the Goods
    At the time of delivery, the system tracks the receipt of the ordered goods. This step is crucial to update the order status and ensure that everything complies with the required specifications.
  1. Invoice Reconciliation
    Finally, the invoice received from the supplier is reconciled with the corresponding Purchase Order (PO) through Zen E-invoices,the Cloud solution of thr Suite ZenShare which facilitates integration with the e-invoicing, ensuring that the invoice corresponds to the order placed and that all details are accurate.

ZenPurchase, the innovative solution for managing PO and PR

A structured and automated procurement process, like the one offered by ZenPurchase, not only optimizes daily operations, but allows you to reduce costs, improve cash flow management and ensure correct traceability of purchases.

ZenPurchase turns the complexity of purchasing management into a strategic advantage. Discover how ZenPurchase can revolutionize your procurement process, ensuring efficiency and control at every stage.

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