Interzen aims for excellence and invests in the training of its human resources in the Cloud native and microservices fields. Admin 11 November 2021

Interzen aims for excellence and invests in the training of its human resources in the Cloud native and microservices fields.

After the numerous positive feedbacks obtained over the last few years by the ZenShare Suite solutions, the time had come to take a further and decisive step forward in the process of improving the services offered to customers, investing in top-level training in the Cloud environment native.

Thanks to the partnership between Interzen Consulting and Microsoft, the training was provided by Pipeline S.r.l. reference Microsoft partner and undisputed leader in the field of IT training. An important investment in human resources accomplished by Interzen represents an important step forward in terms of efficiency and innovation, together with the decision to switch to Cloud Microservices on Microsoft Azure.

ZenShare Suite means continuous development of an innovative tool to support your business goals.


The training course undertaken with Pipeline, interesting, intense and lasting six months, involved all the internal resources of Interzen, providing them with the necessary tools for a crucial transition: the one that made it possible to move from a ‘classic philosophy of development’ of so called ‘monolith’ applications to an infrastructure conceived and based on microservices, therefore able to guarantee maximum levels of scalability, flexibility and resilience in performance.

What is a microservices technology?
It is essentially a single software application broken down into a certain number of independent and interconnected services, therefore characterized by an extremely greater flexibility than in the past.

What are the advantages?

– Greater scalability and flexibility: the architecture can extend and grow as the needs of the business grow.

– Greater resilience: a problem related to one of the services has very limited impacts on the rest of the application. Total independence allows you to circumscribe any anomalies and avoid disruptions related to the malfunction of the entire application.

– Time-to-market reduction: the interventions on the applications are faster, the modifications remain limited to the individual services and therefore also the marketing and updating times of the product are drastically reduced.

– Resource rationalization: this approach makes it possible to centralize the functions and create monitorable and easily maintainable architectures.

– Continuous delivery and testing processes: the application code is continuously developed, tested and distributed, ensuring continuous and fast maintenance.

Conceiving the ZenShare Suite infrastructure for microservices laid the foundations for making a mighty leap forward on the road that leads to excellence, not only from a technological point of view but also and above all for the higher level of service that Interzen will be able to offer to its customers.

Pipeline has dedicated precisely to this important and significant training experience undertaken with Interzen Consulting, an interesting case study with the direct testimony of our Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Carlo Guarino. »

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