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PLT Energia Case History

PLT energia S.r.l. SECTOR: Energy SOLUTIONS: ZenDMS Protocol Edition PLT Energia Case History Problem The registration of documents and incoming and outgoing emails was still

Metz Case History

Metz Consumer Electronics GmbH SECTOR: TecHnology SOLUTIONS: Zen E-Invoices Metz Case History Problem The administrative area complained of problems, delays and inefficiencies in the issue

FP CGIL Case History

FP CGIL Roma e Lazio | Roma SUD Pomezia e Castelli SECTOR: Trade union Funzione Pubblica CGIL SOLUTIONS: ZenDMS Protocol Edition FP CGIL Case History


Carbotech S.r.l. SECTOR: Manufacturing SOLUTIONS: ZenCRM Carbotech Case History Problem One of the problems that most worried company management was the growing loss of sales

GoInfoteam Case History

Infoteam S.r.l. SECTOR: Information Technology SOLUTIONS: ZenCRM, ZenDMS, ZenProject, ZenHR, ZenOrders. GoInfoteam Case History Problem DIRECTORAL AREA the speed and extent of the company’s growth

Gruppo Magaldi Case History

Magaldi Power S.p.A. SECTOR:Manufacturing SOLUTIONS: Zen E-Invoices Electronic Invoicing Gruppo Magaldi Case History Problem The efficiency of the administrative area suffered the negative effects of

Unifad Case History

UNIFAD SECTOR: E-learning SOLUTIONS: ZenCRM and Zen E-Invoices Unifad Case History Problem the management of customer relations, especially the most important ones, suffered from the


Astral S.p.A. SECTOR:Public Administration SOLUTIONS: ZenDMS Workflow Edition Astral Case History Problem the management, registration, research and conservation of documents often took place in a


CAMST | Soc. Coop. a r.l. SECTOR: Catering SOLUTIONS CAMSTNET intranet portal | ZendDMS | ZenProject Project Edition CAMST Case History Problem The main problem

ConvaTec Inc.

ConvaTec Inc. SECTOR: Medical devices SOLUTIONS: ZenDMS Workflow Edition ZenCRM Medical Devices Edition Zen E-Invoices Web App Dedicated to Medical Representatives ConvaTec Inc. Case History

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