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Multinational Fashion Industry Case History

Multinational fashion industry SECTOR: Fashion SOLUTIONS: ZenCRM Multinational Fashion Industry Case History Problem The customer complained of many difficulties in managing data relating to customers

Talento Case History

Talento S.r.l. SECTOR: E-learning SOLUTIONS: ZenCRM Talento Case History Problem the quality and level of communication were compromised by the absence of an adequate system

Odoardo Zecca Case History

Odoardo Zecca S.r.l. SECTOR: Energy SOLUTIONS: ZenDMS Protocol Edition Odoardo Zecca Case History Problem Difficulties in the registration of incoming and outgoing documents with ever

APT Gorizia

APT Gorizia CLIENT: APT Gorizia SECTOR: Public transport SOLUTIONS: ZenDMS Protocol Edition APT Gorizia Case History Problem Chaos in the management and performance of logging

Fuji Film Case History

FUJIFILM Corporation SECTOR Chemistry and pharmaceuticals SOLUTIONS: ZenDMS Workflow Edition Fuji Film Case History Problemmessy management of documents within the company intranet, the extreme difficulty


Editalia S.p.A. SECTOR: Publishing SOLUTIONS: ZenCRM Advanced Edition Editalia Case History Problem during the analysis phase of the problems highlighted by the customer, the following

Turriziani Petroli Case History

Turriziani Petroli S.r.l. SECTOR: Energy SOLUTIONS: ZenShare Cloud Document Register System Turriziani Petroli Case History Problem Chaos in the management, logging, research and conservation of

Cooperativa Alveare

Alveare Cooperativa Sociale Onlus SECTOR: Services SOLUTIONS: Zen E-Invoices Electronic Invoicing Cooperativa Alveare Case History Problem the administrative area complained of problems, delays and inefficiencies

High Technology Case History

H.T. High Technology S.r.l. SECTOR: Consulting and Innovation SOLUTIONS: ZenCRM Pro Edition High Technology Case History Problem the level of internal coordination of the work

Gruppo Minardo Case History

Gruppo Minardo SECTOR:Oil, Publishing, Tourism SOLUTIONS: ZenDMS Enterprise Edition Gruppo Minardo Case History Problem The amount of paper documents had taken on such proportions as

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