How many times have you sent quotes in vain or interacted with interlocutors who promise you feedback that you never received? Admin 9 November 2023

How many times have you sent quotes in vain or interacted with interlocutors who promise you feedback that you never received?

These are problems common to all those companies that do not profile potential customers correctly, but limit themselves to standardized mass mailings of their commercial proposals.
A technique that cannot work because the acquisition of customers and their relationship over time must be strategic.

The ZenShare Suite was designed to maximize companies' sales opportunities and productivity.


The Lead to Cash process, at the basis of the ZenShare Suite, identifies the most valuable Leads among the various possible contacts by evaluating specific parameters, saving time and increasing the chances of success.

Identificazione Lead di valore

The ZenShare Suite is the first Italian platform based on the Lead To Cash process

An innovative tool to monitor and automate business processes: from lead generation to invoice collection in a single integrated tool.
The ZenShare Suite can really evolve the business of SMEs and large companies, improving productivity, increasing effectiveness and reducing marketing, commercial and after-sales costs.

How does the Lead to Cash process work?


Potential customers are identified and evaluated through Lead generation tools. Qualified Leads are assigned to a salesperson to be converted into contacts and establish an initial relationship. In this first phase, an economic opportunity is created and this will pave the way for sales negotiations


Accurate cost quotations are created through the use of CPQ which maximizes efficiency and accuracy. Based on the quote chosen, a personalized, professional and ad hoc offer is automatically generated for each customer.


The personalized offer sent to the customer is negotiated by the salesperson until an agreement is reached. Once the sales order is obtained, the Opportunity is converted into a binding contract. The implementation of the ZenShare Suite simplifies the negotiation and contracting process, allowing deals to be concluded more efficiently, quickly and accurately.


The contract translates into the actual sale of the product/service. At this point the platform automatically generates invoices, monitors actual payment, ensuring compliance with deadlines.

Business Process Mangement

The Zenshare Suite offers the customer a complete application tool capable of managing business processes seamlessly for both primary processes

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Electronic Orders
  • Customer Care
  • Production to order

both for support processes

  • Administration
  • Purchases
  • HR

The Suite ZenShare is aimed at medium and large Italian and international companies, and Public Administrations. A secure, certified, integrated platform to allow companies to optimize and automate their processes in total safety.

  • Security of the Cloud Service Provider Microsoft Azure
  • High ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certification standards
  • MEPA, ACN, SDI, NSO, PEPPOL qualifications and accreditations
  • Modular and scalable
  • Can be integrated with all company ERP systems
  • Customizable according to needs 100%
  • Made in Italy
  • GDPR compliant

Evolve your business!

Start your innovation journey with ZenShare!