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Gruppo Minardo Case History

Gruppo Minardo SECTOR:Oil, Publishing, Tourism SOLUTIONS: ZenDMS Enterprise Edition Gruppo Minardo Case History Problem The amount of paper documents had taken on such proportions as

Management and Consulting Case History

Management & Consulting S.r.l. SECTOR:IT consultancy SOLUTIONS:ZenCRM Pro Edition Management and Consulting Case History Problem the sales and marketing areas encountered management difficulties and inefficiencies

Fondazione Agraria Case History

Fondazione per l’Istruzione Agraria SECTOR: Protection of artistic and agricultural heritage SOLUTIONS: ZenDMS Protocol Edition Fondazione Agraria Case History Problem difficulty in registering incoming and

Selecta Case History

Selecta S.p.A. SECTOR:Industrial printing and document management. SOLUTIONS: ZenDMS Selecta Case History Problem The excessive amount of material had a negative impact on the efficiency

Poligrafico Roggero e Tortia Case History

PRT S.p.A. SECTOR: Industrial printing and document management SOLUTIONS: ZenDMS Poligrafico Roggero e Tortia Case History Problem The amount of documents to be archived and

FNSI Case History

FNSI Federazione Nazionale Stampa Italiana SECTOR: Information SOLUTIONS: ZenDMS Protocol Edition FNSI Case History Problem Extreme confusion and disorder in the management, registration, research and

Studiokom Case History

Studiokom S.r.l. SECTOR:Services for export and business internationalization SOLUTIONS:ZenCRM Pro Edition Studiokom Case History Problem: The marketing area had problems managing relationships with leads, prospects

Banco Alimentare dell’Abruzzo Onlus

Banco Alimentare Onlus SECTOR: Services to support the fight against poverty and social exclusion. SOLUTIONS: ZenCRM Pro Edition. Banco Alimentare dell’Abruzzo Onlus Case History Problem

Ecoh Media

Ecoh Media S.r.l. SECTOR:IT Services SOLUTIONS: ZenCRM, ZenDMS, ZenProject, Zen E-Invoices Ecoh Media Case History Problem The marketing area registered problems and inefficiencies, it suffered

Action Consult

Action Consult S.r.l. SECTOR:Consulting services SOLUTIONS:ZenCRM Pro Edition Action Consult Case History Problem During the analysis phase of the problems highlighted by the customer, the

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